Microwave Hotties for Kids

Aroma Home have designed different ranges of microwaveable soft toys, such teddy bears and cute monkeys and many more characters and all designed to suit your child. Warm these adorable soft toys in the microwave to give a natural warmth and lavender scent. They are a great alternative to hot water bottles and especially suited for children. Hot Hugs Hotties are our largest hottie in our collection and the ultimate microwaveable toy your child will love, all year round. They soon become everyday friends and turn into a soothing and warming bedtime companion lightly fragranced with lavender to gently aid natural sleep. Children wake up rested and happy, ready for another day to play with their new best friend. Cosy Hotties are very similar to Hot Hugs but slightly smaller and come in a range of characters your children will continue to love. Snuggable hotties are cute characters made with extra soft fluff for extra snuggling.

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