New Hot Water Bottles – The prefect Christmas gift for the whole family

New Hot Water Bottles – The prefect Christmas gift for the whole family

Some things you’re just brought up with and don’t consider where the came from. And hot water bottles are one of those things. They are part of everyday life and yet how did they get invented and become so popular.

The History of Hot Water Bottles

They didn’t start out being filed with hot water, in fact it is relatively recently they have been filled with water. Initially they were made of stone, very heavy and filled with hot coals from the fire. Obviously being made from stone they weren’t left in the bed they were used to warm up the bed before getting into it. They developed from here, made from materials that conducted the heat better, such as copper and long handles were added so they could be moved around the bed more easily. The revolution came with the invention of rubber. Rubber could be moulded and withstand heat and the hot water bottle as we know it today was created. This meant the hot water bottle could be taken to bed with you and kept there so you could stay warmer for longer during the night.

The Hot Water Bottle Revolution

As rubber and mass manufacture became more prevalent so did the availability of hot water bottles and they were a great way of keeping warm during the long cold nights. But early rubber degraded easily, especially if boiling water was used. They would split and leak all over the bed. So safety standards were developed and still used today. Here at Aroma Home we ensure all our hot water bottles comply with the latest safety standards - British Standard:1970:2012. After all we want you to get the best from your hot water bottle and enjoy it for many years. Therefore safety is naturally a large concern for us. When filling your hot water bottle do not use boiling water as this will degrade the rubber and leaks may occur.

The Come back

But as time went on hot water bottles started to fall out of favour. Central heating was introduced, so houses were so much warmer they weren’t as necessary. But as heating costs have increased and everyone wants to be a little bit greener hot water bottles have made a come back, and in no small part this is because of the amazing designs of the covers that you can now get. Plus hot water bottles once only used at bedtime are now used to snuggle up on the sofa during the long cold winter nights to stay warm and cosy while chatting with friends or watching a movie. After all they keep you warm and help you to relax after a long hard day.

Now fashion accessories

They really have almost become a fashion accessory. With so many different design for covers from novelty hot water bottles with slogans, characters on them to incredibly luxurious covers made from super soft faux fur and knitted materials such as merino lambs wool.

Great Christmas presents

Take a look at our extensive range of hot water bottles from the novelty to the luxurious, there really is something for everyone this Christmas at Aroma Home. 

Luxury Merino Lambs Wool


Traditional Tweed Designs

Kids Novelty Fleece


Felt for a cosy touch and feel


Faux Fur Luxury


Plus we’ve developed a technique where we infuse the rubber with scent so you can now get beautifully floral scented hot water bottles in a range of fragrances with matching luxuriously soft knitted covers.


We’ve also developed a great gift combination with matching cable knitted fleece lines slippers and mini hot water bottle – the perfect gift this Christmas.