Month of the Bunny

Month of the Bunny

This month we are exploring the ‘poster animal’ for Easter, the bunny rabbit.

Rabbits have long been associated with Spring, they are animals which are a symbol of fertility and new life. This explains how they have come to be a symbol of Easter, the Christian holiday which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. A holiday that is all about new beginnings and life. But lets face it, for most of us its about the partaking in eating lots of chocolate eggs. 

So what came first? The bunny or the egg?

The Easter bunny evolved from pagan folklore, it is thought the bunny was a favourite of the germanic goddess of spring and fertility "Eostre", sounds very similar to Easter, right? 

The bunny started bearing eggs around the 1700's. The Easter rabbit would carry colourful eggs in a basket for well behaved children. Over time this evolved to chocolates eggs, much to our children's (and our) delight! The bunny was first, before the chocolate eggs, although we don't think about that when we chew the heads off our chocolate easter bunnies! 

This Easter we have a range of fantastic Bunny accessories to add some fun and cuteness to your holidays!

Wake up on Easter morning and tuck into your mountain of eggs in our snug fuzzy slippers. These cute bunny slippers are guaranteed to have you hopping about, it doesn't get cuter then this! For those who like warm ankles we also have a bunny sock slipper, pair them up for the ultimate in fun for feet!



Combine easter eggs with cuddly animals. We have a variety of warm plush animal characters but our favourite cuddle bunnies this month are the fantasy bunny and the cozy hottie. Both are microwaveable teddies (see care instructions) and scented with lavender to relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for making spring and easter time happy and fun for all the family.

Happy Holidays!