Microwave Hot Water Bottles - Hotties

Microwave Hot Water Bottles - Hotties

Microwave Hotties make a great alternative to hot water bottles and coupled with the soothing and relaxing aroma of lavender can help aid a great nights sleep for both children and adults alike.

All Aroma Home’s Microwave Hotties have removeable tummies which are gently scented with lavender and warmed in a microwave. When inserted back into your hottie they create an adorable cuddly toy children can take to bed or cuddle on the safe with to keep warm and cosy. The gentle lavender scents is know for it’s relaxing qualities and so aids a good and restful nights sleep. As no hot water is used they are much safer to use than traditional hot water bottles for children especially. An added benefit Is that they also don’t get as cold as a hot water bottle does once the water has cooled down. 

Microwave Hot Water Bottles - Hotties

For kids our microwave hotties range has always featured a great selection of characters and now we’ve added lots more too, plus a whole new range super soft snuggable hotties.

Snuggable hotties are made from super soft fluffy fabric designed for extra snuggling. New characters, including our festive reindeer will have your children squealing with delight when they get given one of our snuggable hotties.

Snuggable Hotties

The all time favourite hot hugs hotties now have new friends too. All Aroma Home’s Hot Hug Hotties are designed with a removable calico insert that contains flax seed and lavender so when they are warmed in the microwave they stay warm and give of a soothing lavender aroma designed to relax and aid a great nights sleep 

Hot Hugs Hotties

Our smaller collection, cosy hotties, also have some super cute and cuddly new characters and teddy bears. Just adorable. 

Cosy Hotties

Children wake up happy and well rested, ready for another day of play with their new best friend.