Hot Water Bottles – they’re back in fashion

Hot Water Bottles – they’re back in fashion

Hot Water Bottles – they’re back in fashion, everyone wants one but how did they become to be a staple of British households.

Basically a Hot Water bottle is a container made from different materials through history that contains hot water which is sealed. You can then put the hot water bottle next to you, in your bed, or on a specific area of your body which needs warming and soothing.

A form of a hot water container was used for warmth in bed back in the 16th century. But they didn’t contain hot water then they contained hot coals, probably from the fire that was due to go out overnight. They were know as bed warmers and had long handles so they could be moved around the bed with the covers on to warm both the inside of the top covers as well as the bottom cover at the same time. The container was often made of brass or a material that would warm up easily with the hot coals stored safely inside.

Hot water was also used and the advantage was that they could then be kept in bed while you slept to give a continuous warm throughout the night, or until the hot water cooled down. This was before rubber had been invented so these hot water bottles were often made of zinc, copper, earthenware or wood. These were often kept in fabric bags to stop scolding.

The invention of rubber transformed hot water bottles. India rubber was in use in Britain by 1875 and were finally patented in 1903. The use of rubber enables these containers to be moulded into different shapes and over time changing from India rubber to natural rubber and PVC allowed them to be more and more flexible and so more and more comfortable in bed when cuddled. Due to the fact that the rubber wasn’t that nice they were also covered in cases so that they wouldn’t burn the user. The covers have become more and more designed over time and with many different fabrics used from faux fur, felt and wool.

As homes became better heated with the emergence of heating hot water bottles started to see a decline in use. Also the invention of electric blankets the use of hot water bottle started to become a scarce item. But with heating costs going up hot water bottles are seeing a resurgence in their popularity. They are seen as a low cost way of keeping warm and not just in bed. They are often cuddled on the sofa and put on areas of the body to relive stresses and strains. They are also seeing large growth in countries such as China, Japan and Australia. They have started to have a cult following here, with people using many different styles and designs.

Aroma Home have developed a scented hot water bottle, the fragrances are blended into the rubber ensuring the scent is released when the hot water meets the rubber. As the scent is introduced into the rubber during manufacture it this also ensure the fragrance fades very little over time so you can enjoy your scented hot water bottle time after time during the long cold winter months.