Flamingood Holiday Vibes!!

Flamingood Holiday Vibes!!

To celebrate the launch of our flamingo collection we are giving you a guided tour of our best travel accessories in this collection as well as the hottest flamingo inspired holiday destinations and tips!

The accessories you shouldn't fly without

We've brought together two of the most popular travel accessories so now you can travel in style and comfort, and ensure a bit of shut-eye on your flight. There is nothing worse then falling asleep on the plane only to find yourself waking up in pain, with a stiff neck and numb lower back. Our neck pillow provides excellent neck support, it's U-neck keeps your head securely in place. It contours to any neck and jaw line for a super cosy and comfortable fit. The matching eye mask is designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxing eye mask experience. Filled with lavender to soothe and alleviate any stress or anxiety in nervous flyers. The reverse is soft and silky, these soft eye pillows are great for blocking out the bright lights and rowdy seats around you, setting you up for a deep sleep. 

Destinations for Flamingo Spotting

If you think you have to travel as far as Africa or South America to see these exotic birds then think again. Flamingo's have colonised some parts of Europe. Portugal, is not only a popular family destination but its also a great place to see Flamingos, visit the port town of Setubal where Flamingos paint the town pink at the nearby Reserva Natural do Estuario do Sado. If your heading to Italy then try heading a little out of the Sardinian town of Cagliari to play on the beach and watch out for the long legged pink dancers! Flamingos are water birds, you can spot them in the fishing villages of Mexico or the lagoons in India. 

 Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

One way to make sure you don't lose your passport or luggage is too add a dash of pink. Our Passport holder with luggage tag makes for a great gift for all those summer birthdays, when the holidays are also drawing near. Kill two birds with one stone but just make sure its not a flamingo! 

 Why are Flamingos Pink?

It's not cos they spend too much time in the sun, Flamingo's are born with grey feathers! They are not actually pink but their diet of shrimp and algae which is high in carotenoids pigment which makes them pink! We wish our diet gave us a tan all year round! Lucky flamingos!