Cooling Products for the summer

Cooling Products for the summer

Here at Aroma Home we’re used to always promoting the benefits of our warming microwave body wraps and teddy bears, plus their added benefit of aromatherapy essential oils. But did you know that you can also cool most our products too.

Some injuries such as those like sporting injuries and getting a bad back from all that summer gardening can be soothed and cooled by using our body wraps. Our Soothing You Collection can also be used to cool and soothe aching and tired muscles around the neck, lower back and feet. 

Instead of placing the inner bag into the microwave to warm up you can put the same inner bag into a carrier bag and put it in the freezer. Leave it for a while and then insert it back into the outer. Then place around the area you need soothing or that is tired and aching to give relief and a cooling effect at the same time.

Our body wraps don’t have an inner, so just place the whole body wrap into then a carrier bag and into the freezer.

It cools and soothes all in one go and the gently fragrance of lavender can still be benefited from.

Or our cooling eye masks are designed for summer. Place the inner gel pack into the freezer and once cooled put it back into the satin eye mask to help relieve tired and sore eyes. Also helps to get relief from headaches and can also help sore eyes from the affects of hay fever without any chemicals.

So while we’re waiting for the summer sun to start shining through the clouds and warming us all up, let’s get ready and be prepared for when it does, hopefully, happen.