Microwave Teddy Hotties

Microwave Teddy Hotties

Microwave Teddy Hotties are like hot water bottles but much more cuddly and fun to play with. The calico inner is filled with flax seeds and lavender and can be removed and then popped into a microwave for a few minutes (please ensure you follow each hotties warming instructions) warming it gently up. Then once popped back inside your plush toy they turn your favourite cuddly character into a warming bedtime toy. Plus as each inner is gently scented with lavender, when warmed up this lavender scent is released. Lavender is well know for it’s relaxing and natural sleep inducing properties. Making a hottie the perfect bedtime companion for your little ones.


They make a great alternative to hot water bottles and also don’t get cold when they cool down as hot water bottles do, making the bed cold in the middle of the night.

Aroma Home have a many different collections of microwave hotties, all developed over many years of research.


The all time favourite hot hugs hotties are due to be joined by some new friends this summer so keep an eye out for some fun new characters.

Our new range of Knitted Cosy Friends are all fully microwavable toys.

And last but by no means least we’ll be adding new characters to our smaller Cozy Hotties range this summer too.

Don’t use a hot water bottle for the kids on colder nights. Let them sleep with their cuddly toy who’ll keep them toasty warm and relaxing. They’ll wake up happy and refreshed next to their new best friend.