Kids Easter Travel Accessories – How to enjoy every minute of it.

Kids Easter Travel Accessories – How to enjoy every minute of it.

When you’re travelling around this Easter let the kids feel comfy, warm and cosy and right at home with Aroma Home.


Hotties – Microwave toys

With Easter falling very early this year it’s still likely to be very cold out there and not just at night. Hotties are a cuddly microwaveable toys filled with lavender that can be warmed up in a domestic microwave for a few minutes. Lavender insert can then be put back into the cuddly toy to create an amazing warming and soothing cuddly toy your kids can snuggle up to. They fall asleep straight away, thanks to the warmth and soothing relaxing gentle lavender scent. And then wake up happy and well rested next to their new best friend. Aroma Home has many different characters and sizes and there’s sure to be one to make your little one go weak at the knees for. Hot Hugs Hotties are our largest range and Cozy Hotties are our smallest collection – perfect for traveling with. We also have a range of knitted characters too, all cute and full of personality.

Hooded Blankets and Neck Wraps

Travelling can be tiring and sometimes frustrating if the journey takes longer than it should. Staying warm and comfortable on long journeys can make all the difference. When the kids are happy and contented so is everybody making the journey enjoyable again. Our Hooded Blankets are a blanket and pillow all in one. Fold the blanket into the hood to create a fun character pillow. Unwrap the pillow and it turns into a hooded blanket to keep warm and snuggly with. We’ve also got matching character neck pillows so children can sleep and rest on long journeys in comfort. You’ll arrive feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy yourselves.

Pillow Friends

Your favourite cuddly toy just got even better. Pillow Friends unfold to create a fluffy and snuggly pillow ideal for getting cosy with while travelling or on holiday. With lots of different characters to choose from they’re bound to find one they’ll fall in love with.


Let them take their best friend away with them so they feel at home.