Hotties the great fun alternative to a hot water bottle

Hot Hug Hotties - Microwaveable Toys

Hot Hug Hotties are a fun way to keep you warm and cosy, especially during the cold winter nights. We’ve been making adorable hot hugs hottie characters for many year sand have 2 new additions to the family now – a cuddly cheeky money and cute penguin in a bobble hat. Hot Hug Hotties are microwaveable toys, you just pop the tummy insert into a conventional microwave, follow the instructions and put back into the tummy of the microwaveable toy. As the microwaveable insert is filled with tourmaline and infused with pure essential oils of lavender will give lasting warmth and release the aromatic fragrance of lavender when gently heated.  This can help soothe and aid deep sleep and relaxation. With a new friend so hot and huggable, your little one will never want to put it down.

Knitted Hotties - Microwaveable Toys

Along with our new Hot Hug Hotties we also have some new additions to our knitted family. We’ve added an sophisticated and charming white snowy owl which is sure to be a hoot and cute polar bear in a cosy jumper. As with our hot hug hotties, these cuties can be warmed in a microwave to give a lasting warmth with the soothing scent of lavender. These hotties also come with a great selection of matching gift ideas. There’s heatable ear muffs and hand warmers. These each have 2 gel packs and when activated by hand warm up to add warmth to ears and hands, ideal for those cold mornings in winter on the way to school. We also have slippers and slipper booties in the range as well as eye masks and hanging fresheners.

Cozy Hotties - Microwaveable Toys

Feelin Foxy? In our smaller hotties range, cozy hotties, we also have a new addition. A very dapper fox character. Again this can easily be warmed in a microwave to give a warming lavender toy ideal to soothe and relax your little one to sleep.


Cosy Friends Hotties - Microwaveable Toys

A whole new range of hotties! Cosy Friends Hotties are a range od adorable characters are full of personality and you can choose from a cute rabbit, cosy penguin in matching hat and scarf, snuggly panda and pink bowed pug dog. All sure to melt you heart. And as with all our hotties they are scented with lavender and can be warmed in the microwave.


Stylish Hot Water Bottles

But if you love the traditional hot water bottle we have some stylish ways to keep warm and cosy too. Our stag range has both a matching hot water bottle and hand warmers, sure to make a statement.