Soothing and Relaxing Lavender

At the heart of almost all Aroma Home warming products, from cuddly hotties to soothing neck and body warmers is Lavender. Lavender blooms from June to August in the UK and longer in France and other warmer countries. When in bloom lavender fields look spectacular across the rolling countryside with it’s distinctive purple or lavender coloured tiny flowers. They are quite different to any other plant commercially grown in appearance and therefore breath taking to see and smell. Lavender, or its real name Lavandula, is an old world plant and is therefore found across the globe.

Lavender for Medical Uses

Lavender has many medical uses such as when infused can help to soother insect bites, burns and relieve headaches. It is also well known and medically proven that the fragrance from the seeds and flowers in pillows and toys aid sleep and relaxation. Even adding the flowerheads to a cup of boiling water can soothe and relax, especially useful at bedtime. The essential oil was used in hospitals during World War 1. Honey made from bees that feed on lavender also have proven healing qualities, especially on wounds. In Germany especially, Lavender for medical uses is very widely used.

Warming Lavender Fragrance

The fragrance from the lavender flowers and seeds is especially soothing when the flowerheads and seeds are warmed. Warming our character hotties and neck and body wraps releases the lavender fragrance therefore soothing and relaxing and with the added warmth also aids a peaceful nights sleep, waking the next morning fully refreshed. Our soothing You range has been especially developed to harness the powers of lavender scents aiding relaxation of tired and aching muscles.

Lavender in Food

You can even eat Lavender flowers themselves, often used as a condiment and used in salads and dressings. Baking with lavender in cakes is becoming especially popular, but don’t add too much, it can get very fragrant when warmed.