Month of the Bunny

Month of the Bunny

This month we are exploring the ‘poster animal’ for Easter, the bunny rabbit.

Rabbits have long been associated with Spring, they are animals which are a symbol of fertility and new life. This explains how they have come to be a symbol of Easter, the Christian holiday which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. A holiday that is all about new beginnings and life. But lets face it, for most of us its about the partaking in eating lots of chocolate eggs. 

So what came first? The bunny or the egg?

The Easter bunny evolved from pagan folklore, it is thought the bunny was a favourite of the germanic goddess of spring and fertility "Eostre", sounds very similar to Easter, right? 

The bunny started bearing eggs around the 1700's. The Easter rabbit would carry colourful eggs in a basket for well behaved children. Over time this evolved to chocolates eggs, much to our children's (and our) delight! The bunny was first, before the chocolate eggs, although we don't think about that when we chew the heads off our chocolate easter bunnies! 

This Easter we have a range of fantastic Bunny accessories to add some fun and cuteness to your holidays!

Wake up on Easter morning and tuck into your mountain of eggs in our snug fuzzy slippers. These cute bunny slippers are guaranteed to have you hopping about, it doesn't get cuter then this! For those who like warm ankles we also have a bunny sock slipper, pair them up for the ultimate in fun for feet!



Combine easter eggs with cuddly animals. We have a variety of warm plush animal characters but our favourite cuddle bunnies this month are the fantasy bunny and the cozy hottie. Both are microwaveable teddies (see care instructions) and scented with lavender to relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for making spring and easter time happy and fun for all the family.

Happy Holidays!

Celebrating Spring with our new Home Spa Butterfly Collection

Celebrating Spring with our new Home Spa Butterfly Collection

Unlike most insects, everybody loves butterflies. It’s a combination of the huge variety; they are very non threatening and of course their wonderfully decorated wings. So many different colours and patterns it’s hard not to be wowed by the way they flutter by so delicately and land on flowers. They symbolise spring and the winter coming to an end and warmer days to come, and so are the perfect collection as spring finally bursts into life in our gardens and parks.

Aroma Home have used butterflies as their inspiration as the attractive design for their new spring collection of adult home spa products and gifts.

Microwave neck wraps plus more

As well as our ever popular scented microwave neck wraps to help soothe aches and pains we also have many of our usual products in the butterfly collection, such as luxuriously relaxing eye masks and the fun gift mugs and cosy socks.

Women’s Gifts

We’ve also designed and developed some new products in our Butterfly collection to extend our Home Spa range. We’ve added a beautiful jewellery Roll, perfect for Easter travels, along with our Weekend bag with co-ordinating toiletries. Plus there’s butterfly designed gardening gift set, perfect for when it’s warm enough to get back out into the garden. Our matching umbrella and shopping bag are the best Spring gift - you can stay dry with those April showers. Relaxing is easy with our Bath Bomb and Votive Candle gift set or attractive tea light holders. A wonderful accompaniment to relaxing in the garden or bathroom.

Co-ordinating Gift packaging

All our new products come in our beautifully design gift packaging with the same butterfly design making a wonderful co-ordinated gift for many spring and summer occasions to come.

So whatever you need to help you relax and enjoy the sun as it start to bring out the flowers and butterflies this spring there’s sure to be the perfect gift for that special woman.

Relaxing Lavender in our Microwave Hotties

Relaxing Lavender in our Microwave Hotties

Many of our microwave hotties are gently fragranced with the relaxing and soothing fragrance of lavender. This includes our ever-popular microwave body and neck wraps to help relieve tired and aching muscles. Plus our cuddly and adorable microwaveable teddy hotties that give children a warming soft toy to snuggle up with, especially for toasty night times.

There have been a number of studies that have reported that lavender is beneficial for treating insomnia, anxiety and stress. This isn’t new, traditionally pillows were filled with lavender flowers to aid relaxation and sleep. It is thought that the lavender fragrance may slow down the nervous system with the benefits of reducing stress and aiding sleep. The fragranced is enhanced when gently warmed in a microwave.

Microwave Hotties for children

By combining the warmth of the microwave teddy hottie and the relaxing scent of lavender it can help aid sleep, especially soothing for children, they wake up happy and well rested ready to play with their new best friend. As they are used to warm you up while in bed they can often be called microwave hot water bottles, but there's no water so much more comfortable to snuggle up to in bed.

Microwave Hot Water Bottles - Hotties for children

Microwave Neck and Body Wraps

The warmth in our microwave body and neck wraps can help to relieve muscle stresses and strains – perfect for when you’re just starting the gardening as spring starts to take over our gardens.

Soothing Microwave Body Wraps

Soothing You Collection

Our Soothing You range has been especially developed to harness the powers of lavender scents aiding relaxation of tired and aching muscles for the neck, lower back and feet. They are available in pale blue and lilac. Perfect for Mother’s Day.

Soothing You Back Warmer

Other uses for Lavender

Lavender has many medical uses such as when infused can help to soother insect bites, burns and relieve headaches. It is also well known and medically proven that the fragrance from the seeds and flowers in pillows and toys aid sleep and relaxation. Even adding the flowerheads to a cup of boiling water can soothe and relax, especially useful at bedtime. The essential oil was used in hospitals during World War 1. Honey made from bees that feed on lavender also have proven healing qualities, especially on wounds. In Germany especially, Lavender for medical uses is very widely used.

You can even eat Lavender flowers themselves, often used as a condiment and used in salads and dressings. Baking with lavender in cakes is becoming especially popular, but don’t add too much, it can get very fragrant when warmed.