The Hottie of Our Dreams

The Hottie of Our Dreams

The hottie of our dreams, the fantasy hottie has landed! The latest from our hotties range is a collection of fantasy soft toys, each character a unique and adorable animal. This month we are thinking what do children really think about their special teddies? We are delving into the imaginations of children and will be looking at how to keep nightmares at bay!

Why should children sleep with a stuffed toy?

There have been many studies into whether children believe their teddies have thoughts and feelings. Some studies support this and others don’t. Our microwave hotties for kids have been designed in a variety of cute animal characters. All with faces and names. From the classic teddy to unicorn and rabbit to name but a few! Teddies are not just toys they are designed to be friends. These kinds of toys essentially serve as attachment objects for your child, making mile stones like transitioning to sleeping in their own bed easier. If the toy has a face etc then the child is more likely to feel like their stuffed toy has thoughts and feelings. These emotional attachments that get formed can last well into adulthood. We all have that one toy we still have a strong bond with!

owl hottie

When you choose a new toy for your child think what your child needs from the toy, if your child is very imaginative and always talking to his/her toys then a character toy is definitely a perfect match. For children who aren’t looking to inject life into there objects, a blanket or pillow can also be a comforting aid in soothing them to sleep. We created a range of products such as pillow friends, neck pillows which also are designed with the same goal in mind, super soft and snuggly for sweet dreams!

Our dreams aren't always sweet fantasy's though especially for children dreams can turn to nightmares. Pre school ages is the most common age for children to have nightmares but even in our older years and as adults we have the occasional times where fear takes hold in the night.

What causes nightmares?

- Sometimes they are a reaction to traumatic events such as injury or even watching something scary!

- Events or situations in waking life which are unsettling or involve change such such as moving school or family tensions. There might even be a theme in the dream that reflects what the child is going through.

- Being over tired and other sources of stress can trigger nightmares. Nightmares generally occur when our brain is working through something and making sense of it, this is part of normal developmental anxiety but if they are occurring all the time then there might be sources of stress at play.

Relaxation surrounding bedtime is key

Aroma home’s hotties are not only fun and fluffy but have been specifically made to relax and soothe for a betters nights sleep. All our hotties are fragranced with lavender, this is an essential oil for relaxation. The health benefits of lavender is a topic which we covered in our previous blog post :)

Our hotties have a microwaveable insert which once warmed up and placed inside the toy makes them perfect for warm cuddles. Just like the warmth that a real living animal brings!

A study of Israeli children during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War by researchers at Tel Aviv University found that children who were given a "Hug Puppy" had fewer nightmares and other stress-related symptoms than kids put on a waiting list. The children were either told that they should protect the puppy or that the puppy would protect them. When your child wakes up from a nightmare having a toy there is the first thing that will reassure and comfort them when they awaken.

pillow friends

A better nights sleep will increase happiness, function and mood, which is essential for wellbeing. It’s important to develop good coping strategies and be in a healthy sleep pattern. Our top three recommendations are as follows

1- A regular bedtime and waking time

2 - Wind down towards the end of the day. For children this could be bath time, bed time stories and cosy bedding etc… Set the mood for sleep!

3 - Cuddles. It’s simple really. Cuddles make everything better especially as we go to sleep.

Sweet ‘Fantasy Hottie’ dreams lovelies!

Flamingood Holiday Vibes!!

Flamingood Holiday Vibes!!

To celebrate the launch of our flamingo collection we are giving you a guided tour of our best travel accessories in this collection as well as the hottest flamingo inspired holiday destinations and tips!

The accessories you shouldn't fly without

We've brought together two of the most popular travel accessories so now you can travel in style and comfort, and ensure a bit of shut-eye on your flight. There is nothing worse then falling asleep on the plane only to find yourself waking up in pain, with a stiff neck and numb lower back. Our neck pillow provides excellent neck support, it's U-neck keeps your head securely in place. It contours to any neck and jaw line for a super cosy and comfortable fit. The matching eye mask is designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxing eye mask experience. Filled with lavender to soothe and alleviate any stress or anxiety in nervous flyers. The reverse is soft and silky, these soft eye pillows are great for blocking out the bright lights and rowdy seats around you, setting you up for a deep sleep. 

Destinations for Flamingo Spotting

If you think you have to travel as far as Africa or South America to see these exotic birds then think again. Flamingo's have colonised some parts of Europe. Portugal, is not only a popular family destination but its also a great place to see Flamingos, visit the port town of Setubal where Flamingos paint the town pink at the nearby Reserva Natural do Estuario do Sado. If your heading to Italy then try heading a little out of the Sardinian town of Cagliari to play on the beach and watch out for the long legged pink dancers! Flamingos are water birds, you can spot them in the fishing villages of Mexico or the lagoons in India. 

 Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

One way to make sure you don't lose your passport or luggage is too add a dash of pink. Our Passport holder with luggage tag makes for a great gift for all those summer birthdays, when the holidays are also drawing near. Kill two birds with one stone but just make sure its not a flamingo! 

 Why are Flamingos Pink?

It's not cos they spend too much time in the sun, Flamingo's are born with grey feathers! They are not actually pink but their diet of shrimp and algae which is high in carotenoids pigment which makes them pink! We wish our diet gave us a tan all year round! Lucky flamingos!


Month of the Bunny

Month of the Bunny

This month we are exploring the ‘poster animal’ for Easter, the bunny rabbit.

Rabbits have long been associated with Spring, they are animals which are a symbol of fertility and new life. This explains how they have come to be a symbol of Easter, the Christian holiday which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. A holiday that is all about new beginnings and life. But lets face it, for most of us its about the partaking in eating lots of chocolate eggs. 

So what came first? The bunny or the egg?

The Easter bunny evolved from pagan folklore, it is thought the bunny was a favourite of the germanic goddess of spring and fertility "Eostre", sounds very similar to Easter, right? 

The bunny started bearing eggs around the 1700's. The Easter rabbit would carry colourful eggs in a basket for well behaved children. Over time this evolved to chocolates eggs, much to our children's (and our) delight! The bunny was first, before the chocolate eggs, although we don't think about that when we chew the heads off our chocolate easter bunnies! 

This Easter we have a range of fantastic Bunny accessories to add some fun and cuteness to your holidays!

Wake up on Easter morning and tuck into your mountain of eggs in our snug fuzzy slippers. These cute bunny slippers are guaranteed to have you hopping about, it doesn't get cuter then this! For those who like warm ankles we also have a bunny sock slipper, pair them up for the ultimate in fun for feet!



Combine easter eggs with cuddly animals. We have a variety of warm plush animal characters but our favourite cuddle bunnies this month are the fantasy bunny and the cozy hottie. Both are microwaveable teddies (see care instructions) and scented with lavender to relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for making spring and easter time happy and fun for all the family.

Happy Holidays!